Some Reasons Why You Should Not Overlook Google Ads In 2021

google ads 2021

A number of things are very important as far as digital marketing is concerned like SEO, blogs, social media marketing, etc. Amidst this, one thing that has lost its charm, despite being very vital is PPC or pay per click, otherwise known as Google Ads. The fact regarding PPC is that it is as effective as SEO and will continue to be the same for years and years to come by benefiting businesses in a number of ways. Businesses have started thinking that since fresher and more effective weapons have become a part of the arsenal called digital marketing, older or say, trusted weapons are no more needed. But there are a number of reasons why in the coming year, 2021 and beyond, they should never overlook this very significant digital marketing strategy.

It’s Faster than Others

“Time is money” and in present times, each moment can create a difference between success and failure and for this, the time has to be used smartly. This is where PPC or pay per click can be much more advantageous because the good old SEO or search engine optimisation, as we all know is a slow process. According to digital marketing gurus, SEO can take up to 2 months before starting to show results, but on the other hand, Google Ads is much quicker in showing results.

Google Ads Conversions

• Another impressive feature is that you are always in control of the campaign’s budget and scale it up and down on the basis of profit margin you foresee for the near future.
• Because you will have an idea of the profit, you can scale the budget up and down and work on it in such a way that it does not influence your business’s financial status.
• The reason is that with a clear budget in mind, you will be able to use several tools and their blend that Google ads, analytics, tab manager and so on.
• These tools and their combined use will allow you to have control over the actions you take in terms of pay per click campaign on your website.
• These tools are advanced enough to give you an exact idea of where your leads or sale are coming from and what is their value.

Predictability Makes Is Better Than Others

The predictable nature of Google ads makes this marketing strategy much better than all others and this is possible because of the fuel used in their functioning. Two things are required to make pay per click campaign run efficiently and the names are budget and keywords. Once you have them, as said above, you can make guesses and assumptions regarding the future. Moreover, Google ads campaign is designed to work on the basis of budget and competitions and if the budget continues to come regularly, no one can stop success coming to your website in the form of audience or traffic.
The aspect of scalability that we touched in a pointer above is basically a very huge factor behind the success of PPC as a digital marketing strategy. This scalability can be seen in a number of things and most prominently in the number of keywords being used and the organic traffic using them in their search process. See, Google ads don’t take time in delivering results, but yes, to make them capable of delivering results, you’ll surely have to invest a good amount of time in ad’s preparation. This preparation mainly includes building your organic presence, then creating content is also a time-taking process, followed by so many more.

Budget Would Matter the Most

Other than time, sufficient budget that we have been stressing again and again throughout the blog post is mandatory in the success of a campaign. The equation is very simple to understand in terms of PPC that more budget means proper exposure to the audience and this means better amount of audience on your website. For some time, the budget would work by forcing Google ads to generate traffic as anticipated by you and this time can be used in creating further strategies for marketing and executing them successfully. Once you see that other strategies are giving results more than your expectations, you can gradually trim down the budget, you were investing in Google ads or pay per click.