Google Reduces Visibility in Search Terms Report

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The year 2020 has been nothing short of a disappointment for businesses for a number of reasons like the COVID-19 and its influence on the global economy. The next twitch has come in the form of Google’s announcement regarding Search Term Reports within the Google ads. This search engine giant recently announced that Search Term Reports within Google Reports will only show search terms that reach a particular volume threshold. This has brought a nervousness in the minds of advertisers and agencies as they rely mostly on these reports and insights to analyse and then, optimise their Google ad’s performance.

This decision taken by Google has given birth to a number of questions like why this has happened and how this would impact PPC campaigns and what steps can be taken to optimise PPC returns. Here in this post, let us have a look at how this change will influence the strategies of these advertisers and what exactly this change is.

What Has Changed In Search Terms Report?

This change in the Search Terms Report means that you will not be able to use these reports to analyse the main search terms that were triggering your ads. In easy words, simply understand that you’ll not be able to see the search terms with lower volumes. Google Ads experts believe that this will impact the strategies in a number a ways, so let us have a look at this change’s influence.

The Impact Of This Change

If you think that low volume keywords are not that important because of their irrelevance, you are actually wrong. The reason is that several low volume terms can add up because every irrelevant click on ad spent is wasted. These changes have made advertisers unsettled because of its importance in pay per click optimisation. Some impacts are mentioned below.

  • This would make keyword mining more difficult
  • It will lead to lower bidding and also reduction in conversion rate
  • It will also hinder the ability to create single keyword ad groups

How PPC Experts Have Reacted To Change?

PPC experts have been tweeting meticulously in reaction to this change and below are some thoughts that these experts have shared.

  • Some experts and advertisers have accepted this change as a strategic and self-seeking move made by Google.
  • Some advertisers have taken this change as Google’s attempt to reduce transparency and control the powers that advertisers get from this search engine.
  • Some advertisers are seeing this change as Google’s initiative to make more money, while reducing the transparency at the same time.
  • With this change, advertisers will not be able to optimise their ads and as a result, conversion rate will get hugely influenced.

How To Cope Up With The Change Made By Google?

Experts say that advertisers should not let this change made by Google interfere in their strategies. The reason is that even if the vital search terms are not shown by Google, still the search engine will share the data that would help advertisers make the most out of their campaign. So  the bottom line here is that advertisers need not get baffled by this change and stand firm to continue with their regular strategies. Only then, this change will not be able to interfere with your comfort zone.