Make Your E-Commerce Website Black Friday and Cyber Monday Ready

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just round the corner and the way Covid-19 has influenced our lives, this is pretty sure that these events will not look the same way as before. People are still forced to maintain social distancing, stay indoors and keep away from crowded places, and because of these reasons, very less crowd is seen shopping these days. This has come as a nothing short of a nightmare for retail shop owners, but the same will be a boon for them, if they have their own e-commerce stores. But challenges prevail there too and the biggest challenge is the contest that has bloated up multiple times due to this pandemic situation that has made people stay confined at homes and make purchases online. In such situations, to confront the competition and to pull more and more traffic, online stores and e-commerce businesses have to be BF and CM ready. How they can do this? This answer to this question is presented below in the form of some tips in this blog post.

Start Planning Now

Although it’s somewhat late, but it’s never late to start and in terms of preparation for these events, you should start as soon as possible. This planning generally involves revamping the e-commerce store to give it a look as if it is there only for these two days. This planning also involves stocking up the entire inventory and keeping it prepared for the big shopping days coming ahead.

Once these things are done, the second phase of planning would begin, involving strategic and well-planned communication efforts with the help of digital platforms and social media platforms.

The role of the digital marketing consultant working on your website will be very crucial here as the team will have to engage in all the efforts related to marketing. Their role will also be to involve in brand awareness to make sure that not just the traffic on e-commerce store surges up, but also the conversion rate that it experiences during this shopping season.

Keep Surges Away From Website Design

At the same time, it is very important that you and your digital marketing consultant takes steps to keep your website prevented from surges found in the traffic. These surges can lead to crashing of the e-commerce website and if your e-commerce store crashes on these two crucial days, it would be nothing short of a disaster for your business. Therefore, the best idea is to keep this possibility in mind and at prepare the website in advance to confront this issue and the onslaught that it could cause. Of course, it will ask for some more investment than usual in website maintenance, but this will be highly beneficial in the long run. Here too, the role of the digital marketing partner would become extremely important, as they will test the server load capacity and based on results, do fine-tuning of the website to increase its loading speed.

Loading speed is one of the first few things that have to be really fast because the competition on the Internet is really high and the traffic is really impatient there. If your website takes more than 3-4 seconds to load, they will not delay in closing it and visiting your closest competitor’s e-commerce website.

Exploit Social Media

We are all aware of the power of modern-day social media platforms that work with double force in terms of e-commerce websites. The reason of this power is their constant presence on these platforms that makes them use them instead of search engines and websites when they want to make some purchase.

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can exploit the true power of social media platforms to make sure that you make more and more people aware about your e-commerce store and BFCM related arrangements made there. The role of the digital marketing partner here would be of ensuring that the steps you are taking are not marked as “spam” and you are in fact, not spamming in the process of spreading brand responsiveness.

The social media marketing team will engage in constant competitor analysis and make essential tuning to make sure that you give a tough challenge to the competitors out there and excel them without difficulty.

Hope For The Best

With all the tips mentioned above in the post, there are sure shot chances of things going as expected, but still, you should always have a Plan “B” ready to tackle and unexpected issue. Here the term, Plan “B” generally means making sure that your website’s back-ups are fully up-to-date and there are alternatives ready to face any unexpected problem that could arise in the website.

The potential of your website to handle the stress on these two days should be measured in advance and you can do this by offering some seriously good deals just for one day. Let the traffic pour in on your website and test it, whether it’s competent of handling that or even more traffic during such festival days, when traffic is estimated to rise unpredictably.