Google’s Ranking Factors in 2023

Google’s Ranking Factors

It is really hard to believe that 2023 is just around the corner! So, this New Year is about to come with some of the latest Google Ranking factors, determined to change the online world towards betterment. It is never too early to think about the new strategies, which you want to add to your content marketing plan for the upcoming year. One major factor to consider is Google Ranking Factors.

With trends changing all across web design, there can be seen some changes in SEO practices too. Google is always evaluating the major factors to give rise to a high-quality website for the users. So, it is vital to check in with the ranking factors, if you are willing to stay on top of SERPs.

We are ready to help you know more about the latest Google ranking factors in 2023 to give out a try. Some of the major ones are listed below :

The use of relevant and high-value content :

In 2022, you saw the launch of the Helpful Content Update from Google. It calls for keyword-centric, promotional, and thin content, which lost ranking in the update. On the other hand, educational thought leadership and longer-form content were the ones to climb in the ranks.

  • Across so many clients, we at Brandconn saw around a 90% gain within the monthly reporting. And this number is always on the rise, only because of the helpful content out there. 
  • This Helpful Content Update is here and this trend is likely to move into 2023 as well. It focuses less on the technical factors and deals with the user experience, even more, these days.
  • Keywords are still pretty important. So, we will help you to work with the relevant keywords within your content, to help it remain at the top of the ranking list.

High Quality Backlinks:

Backlinks are targeted as the groundwork of PageRank, which is a major part of the Google’s ranking algorithm. It helps in assisting Google by inspecting your dominion and supporting other website end users to help discover your said content.

  • While backlinks form a major part of Google’s decision-making factor, content quality needs to be the focal point. 
  • It helps in attracting links organically and also being the major ranking factor in itself.


There have been going around with some discussions like why the firms are asked to cease keyword stuffing and focus more on standards. This discussion is enough to complicate the entire situation and present the wrong message that keywords are not that significant enough. It is right to state that KWs are not the continued and constant source available. Previously, they were, when related to SEO.

  • The significance of using keywords has been the same, but what evolved is the way to use these keywords within your content. 
  • At present, use the power of keyword inspection to help establish content outlay. 
  • Furthermore, get the chance to discover the pertinent subject that matters quite a lot for the onlookers.
  • Try adding the power of KW in subtitle, Meta Titles and the body of the content to help boosting the rank to the next level. But, you cannot rely on the keywords only.

Dealing with the site command :

Google will be using the power of human representatives to help evaluate standard of the SERP and the site pages, which will focus on the initial outcome pages for various searches. 

  • It helps in publishing the instructions and norms for the quest rates. 
  • This step helps in accompanying whenever you are ranking the standard and becoming pertinent of site pages.
  • Such instructions will have their share of authority or command included.
  • It is now vital to show the website command or the authority within your Google’s niche and also for the onlookers.
  • By focusing on the writer’s description with pertinent gratification or accomplishment, it can be anything that you get to work on right away.
  • On the other hand, it can be something you have created with time by focusing on appealing content and getting hold of the commanding position.

The value of mobile optimization:

Google is now focusing on the mobile-first listing because of the growing use of smartphones and mobile devices these days. So, the mobile edition of multiple websites is highly efficient and convenient when compared to the desktop section.

  • It works with the help of pertinent data, which states that around ½ of the website traffic produces are through mobile devices. 
  • Recent studies have shown that the Google’s portion of the search engine is likely to be at 96%.
  • So, it means that you have to move beyond the amicable outlays of the previous years and have to focus on the major mobile programs and also the receptive designs.

Speed of the website acceleration to the next level:

There are times when you have waited for few seconds for a website page to load. If it fails to do so, then you have moved towards the competitors then. Well, this is somewhat a common phenomenon seen these days. Users are restless and won’t dedicate more than 3 to 5 seconds for a page to load.

  • Such services can always feature in some evolving pathways where people are using the search engines.
  • Vocal and mobile search rates have now increased. People are now discovering instant responses to all their searches, any time of the said search.
  • As a result, it is vital to ensure that your website runs as quickly as possible.
  • You can work with some tools to see how fast your website is loading and then discover some ways to help improve the speed to the next level.

These are the major factors, which can affect the Google ranking in 2023. Apart from these points, as mentioned, some of the other factors to consider are site design, featured snippets, hostname protection, Metadata and commerce indexing.


These are a few of the many Google ranking Factors, which will mark their entry in 2023. Our team from Brandconn is well acquainted with these upcoming changes and would like to offer you the correct help as and when needed.

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