Google Phasing out Data-Vocabulary and Support

A recent update from Google has finally arrived regarding the support for data-vocabulary mark-up for rich results. As it was speculated, Google has announced that post April 06, 2020, it will withdraw its support from data-vocabulary mark up for rich results and switch to This announcement came from Google along with a statement that the ever-rising popularity of has made them focus entirely upon the development of Single SD scheme.

This is a last call for SEOs, Webmasters, website owners and Google has given a time of a few months to them for the transition from data-vocabulary mark up to mark up. Regarding this, Google has planned to remind the users of data-vocabulary mark up users regarding this transition via the search console. This step is considered as “Beneficial” for those who are not following Google’s blog or its page on any social media platform. According to Google, these “search console generated warnings or reminders” are a kind of preparation so that the professionals are fully geared up on time to see the sun setting down for and the rising sun of

The time that has been given is generally with the intention of letting these professionals identify pages using that mark-up and replace the mark-up with

Google is confident about successful transition as a matter of fact that both these mark-ups are not too much different from each other. You can see in the below images, how they are almost identical to each other, thereby making sure that the professionals mentioned above will not face any major trouble in the transition process.

Here Is Schema.Org:


Here is the same thing in Data-Vocabulary:

As far as the reactions on this change are concerned, the majority of SEO professionals, webmasters, and website owners agree to the fact that this will have a huge impact on the rich result report. As it was mentioned earlier, from present day till April 6, 2030, a warning or a kind of reminder will flash for the data- vocabulary .org structured data or search results. From April 6, 2020 onwards, this warning will turn into an error message, leaving these professionals with the only option of switching to