Benefits of Images in SEO

images in SEO

The concept of using images and graphics to pull audiences towards a website and keeping them engaged is not new at all. It has been there for ages now and surprisingly, they all have worked really commendably for businesses and their websites to date. Using these graphics, images, and pictures come with a whole plethora of benefits in terms of SEO and here in this post, we will have a detailed look at some of them. Later we will try and find out the kinds of images that actually help in terms of digital marketing or SEO services Darlington.

What Are The Main Benefits?

  • Of all the benefits of using images and graphics, one that is worth mentioning here is that they can improve the layout of even the most weirdly designed WebPages.
  • It has been found in the studies that WebPages with different pictures, HD images, and graphics experience 94 percent more views than WebPages that only has high-quality, but plain content.
  • Moreover, it has also been researched that the audience feels more connected to the WebPages that have high-quality pictures and graphics integrated with high-quality content.
  • With these images and graphics, experts from SEO agency Darlington say that brand recognition becomes very easy because images stay in the minds for longer as compared to information-laden, but plain content.
  • Not to mention that by using HD quality images and graphics, you can keep visitors on your website for a longer period and this means more chances of conversion rate getting better than usual.

In short, high-quality photos on your website and digital marketing campaigns can:

  • Make Content Clearer And Easier To Read
  • Enhance Your SEO
  • Upsell Your Product And Services
  • Increase Views On Social Media
  • Convert Leads

What Kinds Of Images Are Ideal For Digital Marketing?

When looking to leave a positive impact on the audience, highly informative content has to be backed by graphics and images that could of different types. All of them can be very useful in terms of digital marketing, but the most influential ones have been described below.


  • Screenshots can be very impressive when they emerge to add information, illustrate a process, and highlight any statistics.
  • Apart from this, they will put a huge impact when the audience can see in reality the thing or the concept that was discussed in the content situated alongside it.


  • There is no doubt about the fact that content, when supported by quotation images can impress readers and instigate them to use that CTA or Call-To-Action button.
  • That quotation could be related to the industry that you are targeting or about some of its products, services, and so on, and adding them strategically could make the audience agree on your point.

Apart from these, memes too can be very useful, as they will make the moment lighter. This is followed by HD quality photos and short videos to keep audiences engaged and also for proving your point. Not to mention, infographic images that are trending these days, but only if they are created stunningly and has information that your audience needs the most. So, the combination of an experienced graphic designer and content developer can create infographics that will keep audiences coming back again and again on the website.