Ultimate Guidelines – Best Internal Linking Strategy for SEO

Internal Linking

Want more visitors traffic to your website? Many businesses, especially startups and medium-sized companies, are trying to develop various ways of increasing their online traffic. However, for business owners who are not tech-savvy and would not know how and where to start their strategy of making more sales, precisely getting help from an SEO company Darlington, such as brandconn.co.uk, would be a good choice.

They can work on an internal linking strategy. This is a simple way of experiencing SEO increase. Internal linking is connecting one page of a website to a different page of the same website. Links are essential to SEO (search engine optimisation) as there is a direct connection between the quality and the number of links to your website.

Internal linking helps SEO in 3 ways:

* makes your website easy to navigate

* defines the design and hierarchy of your website

* strengthens the overall value of your website.

So how do you do internal linking? Here are the ultimate guidelines for an internal linking strategy for SEO according to digital marketing Darlington that you decide to work with: 

1. Create lots of content

This is the first thing that should be done – create a lot of content. Lots of content will give you many opportunities to link with other content, giving you a better internal linking strategy.

2. Use anchor texts

These are the clickable texts in a hyperlink. 

It is dictated by SEO best practices that anchor texts should be relevant to the page that you are linking to. 

This should be generic instead of an optimised anchor.

3. Link deep

It would be better to make deep links. 

Avoid linking to the Homepage. 

Strengthen the internal pages to enhance your website’s overall SEO. Another page that you should avoid linking to is the Contact Us Page unless it is imperative.

4. Use links that your audience finds natural

For adding value and information, your internal link should use a user-focused approach.

5. Use relevant links

It means that your link from a page should be helpful and similar or connected to the page you are linking to.

6. Use follow links

Follow links are when site owners vouch for your content. The more follow links your site has, the more your page will be trusted by the search engines and rank it accordingly.

7. Use a reasonable number of internal links

It doesn’t mean that your site has tons of internal links. Remember the Google instructions “to keep the number of links reasonable on a given page”.

When these guidelines are followed, your business can eventually experience an increase in website traffic. While many of these strategies can produce instant results, others will need more time and patience. We at Brandconn.co.uk suggest that you keep pushing forward, trying different tactics and measuring the outcome.

Brandconn.co.uk is also a social media marketing company in Darlington, and we are willing to help you start your internal linking strategy, including content creation. 

Please get in touch with us at telephone numbers 44 1642 088992 or through an email message at info@brandconn.co.uk, so we can discuss how our team of creative minds can make your brand get talked about by your audience.