5 Ways to Optimise Social Media Strategy

5 Ways to Optimise Social Media Strategy

Here are five simple and easy ways to optimise your social media strategy. 

Social media strategy plays an important role in brand awareness, providing an opportunity to let the world know about your business and how you can make a difference in people’s lives. Social media optimisation is analysing your social media content, running an audit, and using the information to influence your content. You can perform social media optimisation to increase the visibility of your content. It improves your social media strategy to achieve better results, such as higher engagement, faster follower growth, etc.

Increasing engagement and turning the audience into paying customers doesn’t just happen overnight; it takes time to optimise social media pages and increase brand awareness. We have listed five ways for better reach and improved engagement. How to optimise social media strategy:

1. Identify your social media goals.

The first part is to identify your social media goals and optimise them. For example, if your goal is to utilise your social media accounts to boost sales, you will have to take the following steps:

  • Increase engagement and gain more prospects.
  • Focus on improving audience reach.
  • Generate leads.
  • Convert audience and leads to paying customers.

2. Optimise your posting schedule.

To achieve more followers on social media, you must consistently post content that gets your audience excited and is posted when they’re most likely to engage. Optimise your posting schedule; ensure that you have assigned a scheduled post when the audience is more active. You can best test at different times and measure the results.

 3. Use the right image.

Brandconn digital group is a web design company Darlington that helps create a user-friendly website. Use the right image to increase engagement with the audience. Ensure the pictures are high resolution, professional, and in size. Also, make sure your profile images are consistent across social channels. 

4. Optimise your content.

After setting up the social profiles:

  • Start optimising your content.
  • Take help from your SEO team to find the most important keyword for your brand and add these keywords to your social posts for an extra boost. You can also use it to promote your other online content, such as blog posts, YouTube videos, etc.
  • Always keep in mind that you only want to share content that is valuable to your followers.

Only retweet random links if there is a clear synergy between what you share and your audience. Ideally, add a comment to the curated content you share. 

5. Influencer and community build-up campaign.

To optimise your social media, plan an influencer campaign by collaborating with local influencers on various social media platforms. Also, focus on building a community of people willing to share their opinions about your brand on an online public platform.


Your brand image on social media is crucial to the success of your business growth. There are many ways to improve your social media strategy, such as being creative, connecting, and building the community that will allow you to grow and succeed. Brandconn Digital is a digital marketing company that offers social media marketing services Darlington and helps small businesses and startups flourish.  

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